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Amberen Amberen Amberen
Amberen Amberen Amberen

Amberen is the modern menopause and perimenopause brand that empowers physical and emotional wellbeing.

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(01) Project

Amberen is changing the stigma of menopause.

Amberen is a clinically-researched supplement brand for the relief of menopause and perimenopause symptoms. With a renewed focus on investing in the brand for long-term growth and brand expansion into multiple categories, Amberen needed to transform its brand to set the stage for its next chapter of growth.

  • Type Rebrand
  • Category Wellness
  • Services Strategy, Identity, Packaging
  • Model DTC
(02) Challenge

Turn Amberen from a symptoms-led product into a brand leading a conversation.

With growing pressure from rip-off products and challenger brands, Amberen had lost its competitive edge and premium positioning. Consumers no longer understood what made Amberen better, resulting in a downward trend that impacted distribution. The brand’s messaging, packaging, and general presentation were outdated. A total reinvention was initiated to revive business performance and create relevancy. The vision was to build a brand that supports women throughout the menopause journey, not just a pill that reduces hot flashes.

(03) Motto Method®

Our unique brand-building process led Amberen into relevant territory.

Rebranding or refreshing an existing brand requires a strategic and methodical process. The Motto Method® has been honed and proven over 17 years to ensure the dots strategically connect. For Amberen, our method helped cast a bold new purpose and led the product to exciting, and unexpected positioning.

Words from the client

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“We chose Motto® because we wanted to be challenged, excited, and re-energized. Our brand needs to be loved by consumers and win hearts, not just talk about symptoms.”

(04) Motto Method®
/ Immersion

An exciting journey into the world of menopause that surfaced new insights.

Menopause has been a hush-hush topic. Women are rarely encouraged to embrace this new stage of life or feel empowered to manage their symptoms.  Motto® helped team Amberen imagine a world where the culture around menopause is brought out from the shadows without fear, shame, or judgment.

  • Analyzed consumer research to understand behaviors
  • Listened to podcasts and read books about menopause
  • Studied the landscape to identify direct and indirect competitors
  • Worked with leadership to cast the new vision and brand meaning
  • Identified potential points for disruption and differentiation
  • Established brand values to drive actions
(05) The Motto Method®
/ Strategy

A bold brand strategy to become the #1 brand for menopause wellness.

Motto® and Amberen agreed that the brand needed to make some bold moves. Building the strategy around ideas of empowerment, change, and metamorphosis helped us create a powerful and highly relevant strategic narrative. Amberen offers a product that turns problems into opportunities for relief, open conversation, and shared experience. Menopause doesn’t disappear because of Amberen, but there are a wealth of benefits that emerge for consumers by taking it. And that is a magical thing.

  • Purpose and vision language
  • Brand positioning
  • Reasons to believe
  • Strategic narrative
  • Brand archetype
  • Audience persona
(06) Motto Method®
/ Verbal

An inspiring, conversational, and bold voice.

Society tells us that youth is everything. Amberen disagrees. As we get older, we get wiser, and become more. We’re changing the conversation with an inspiring, conversational, and bold voice to empower women to embrace this new stage of life.

  • Created messaging that talked about more than symptoms
  • Defined tone of voice and voice persona to humanize the brand
  • Wrote a manifesto that became the emotional glue
(07) Motto Method®
/ Visual

A modern new look and feel

As a brand, Amberen is all about change. Changes in mindset as well as body. Changes in society as well as changes in life stages. Our design language modernizes the brand to help tell this story. Everything from the logo to the color palette to the new packaging tells the consumer a complete story.

  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Logo system
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Art direction
  • Brand guidelines

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