The launch of VOD original programming you won’t see anywhere else


The first interactive video and membership service that combines two great digital media empires — Nerdist and Geek & Sundry — together into one place.

Founded by Chris Hardwick, host of Comedy Central’s @midnight and Felicia Day, CW Show “Supernatural”, SyFy’s Eureka, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the two platforms are beloved by nerds and geeks alike. The Alpha community gets live programming, movies, early access to beloved series, forums, and special events around pop culture happenings. Motto was asked to lead design for the new brand.

Client: Legendary Digital
Date: 2016
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Visual Design


After growing the Nerdist and Geek and Sundry platforms, Legendary Digital Networks leadership team needed to create a new strategy and compete in the fast growing video-on-demand space.

Geek & Sundry and Nerdist offer available video on demand content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Xbox, and Spotify. Alpha is the next extension of Legendary Digital’s content offerings and offers live and video on demand programming, a desktop/iOS/Android app and hosts new and windowed content to Facebook and YouTube. Alpha’s new brand had to live with existing brands, similar to a Hulu and Hulu+. It had to appeal to a variety of stakeholders like Chris Hardwick, Felicia Day, and Legendary Digital Networks execs. Most importantly, it had to feel authentic to a geek/nerd audience and pass the t-shirt test — the logo had to be cool enough to rock on a t-shirt.


Alpha’s brand identity is smart, creative, stylish, nerdy (and geeky too!), entertaining, and all about a good story.

Since Alpha needed to be incorporated into and alongside existing brands, it also had to be designed to standalone in some cases. It needed to feel like a premium service against our existing brands, but also have enough legs to stand on itself in certain instances. Authenticity was very important to achieve in the brandmark — it’s not enough to talk the talk. The Legendary Digital brands are tastemakers within their own right —  they recommend the coolest movies, the most enjoyable tabletop games, and the brand needed to feel trustworthy and iconic.

“Motto absolutely rocks!“

— Rachel Romero, CMO, Alpha

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