optimistic leadership

Optimistic Leadership is Required

There’s no magic dust for overcoming difficult business challenges.

But there’s one thing that makes all the difference in the world — Your attitude.

I am constantly struck by the power of attitude when it comes to tackling the tough stuff.

Here’s what leaders with bad attitudes do:

  • Quick to complain.
  • Obsess over issues that don’t matter. They rob others of their joy.
  • Shoot down weird and interesting ideas.
  • See no point in changing.
  • Promote fear and narrow mindedness.
  • Have inflexible ways of working.
  • Suck the energy out.

Everything becomes 10x harder. The conversations that are meant to get to the root issues are lifeless. Even the problems themselves become bigger.

I’ve never seen a big problem be successfully solved when someone with a bad attitude is hovering around and creating unrest in the team.

We need more #optimism in our leaders. We need enthusiasm. We need to develop the skills to see the horizon not just how daunting the mountains are to climb.

I’m not taking about surface cheer or forcing a smile and thinking happy thoughts.

I am talking about being open to what’s possible, especially when you can’t see it yourself.

Attitude is contagious.

Which energy are you bringing?