Motto’s Brand Crush — Pirch

The moment your foot crosses the threshold into Pirch, you feel it. If someone told you were in a home appliance store, you would laugh and think they’re crazy. A gorgeous showroom of interactive displays featuring beautiful claw foot tubs, immaculate sink tops, stunning kitchen layouts, and gleaming shower installations attract and hold your attention like a moth to a flame. You immediately start to dream. Seconds later, you’re greeted by a friendly voice: “Welcome to Pirch, would you like a complimentary beverage?” Halt. “Why, yes of course!” The Bliss Cafe drink menu goes like this: Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Earl Grey Tea, Seasonal Jalapeno Limeade, and Spa Water, all free. As the Barista prepares your drink, you’ll notice the in-store Manifesto on the walls and pillars. Statements like “Honor your promises,” “Slow down,” and “You have a great bottle of wine – Drink it,” immediately convey what Pirch is about. Two minutes later and you’re on a full-blown ethos high.

This is the kind of store you spend hours floating around in. Your vocabulary is reduced to “oohs” and “ahhs” as you demo all of the working faucets, shower heads, and saunas in the bath Sanctuary. You could blame your awe on the aromatherapy essential oil bath steaming next to you, but c’mon – you’re enamored by the fact that your new favorite store is, by definition, an appliance one.

It all started when founder Jim Stuart was looking for a new range for his family and realized that walking down stark isles of metal cubes to find a stove wasn’t cutting it. A range was something his family would create joyful memories around. Why couldn’t the shopping experience be the same?

From day one the mission for Pirch was clear: create a shopping experience full of surprise, delight, and joy (Read: Disrupt the entire kitchen and bath industry). Seven years in, Pirch is known as a champion for the heart and home. With locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, California, and two locations in New York City coming in 2016, you’re bound to come across one. Pirch’s commitment to joy landed them on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies in 2015, as well as garnered many other awards.

These types of accolades are a reflection of the people that make up the company. Pirch’s CEO, Jeffery Sears, holds the values and ideals of Pirch to the highest regard. Not because he talks a good game, but because he authentically lives and breathes them. Fun Fact: Jeffery makes it a habit to personally respond to negative Yelp reviews. If that’s not cool enough, he gives his direct line (858.966.3601) on Pirch’s website. Joy is an inside job, and Jeffery knows that well.

The Pirch experience is equally incredible whether you buy something or not. When you’re looking for your own range, fridge, dishwasher, cooktop, dryer, vacuum, sink, tub, or grill, expect to be genuinely helped, not sold to. That’s because instead of hammering in stringent sales tactics, Pirch focuses on the human aspects of customer service and teaches employees how to work joyfully. In a place where options abound, Pirch’s Lifestyle Advisors are like your BFF. They work alongside you with patience, expertise, and a smile. From the moment you step in the door to the moment your new favorite thing is installed in your home, Pirch delivers a truly remarkable experience.

Pirch encapsulates their culture of joy in their Manifesto, detailing their beliefs and ideals, both silly and serious. They wrote it to remind themselves of their daily mission: to make moments count.

Pirch Manifesto: One part Passion, One part Conviction, One part Macaroni and Cheese.

Live your life now.
Tomorrow is promised to no one.
The only things you will regret are the things you did not do.
Be real.
Sometimes we are scared. It’s o.k.
Tell the people you love what you appreciate about them. Speak from the heart. They might cry.
Be intentional in your living. Strive to create beautiful moments.
Make time for family. In the end, they are everything.
Play more, think less.
Slow down.
Be crazy about something.
Have the courage to live a life that is true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.
Go on an adventure.
A dream unfulfilled is a tragedy.
Be yourself. You are beautiful.
Honor your promises.
Shared experiences are precious beyond measure.
Your first decision of the day is important. Choose happiness.
You have a great bottle of wine. Drink it.
Achievement tastes most sweet when first we dare to fail.
Don’t wait for a special occasion; life is a special occasion.
Live joyfully.

When you make your trip to Pirch, whether it’s for samples or a stovetop, ask a Lifestyle Advisor about their drink tastings, showroom events, and free cooking classes from their demonstration kitchen, Savor. Don’t forget to look out for the Random Acts of Joy on their social media. One time they gave away tickets to a sold out Willie Nelson concert. They love to involve the community in what they are exploring, teaching, and enjoying. After all, life is made up of moments, let them be joyful ones.

Founder: Jim Stuart
CEO: Jeffery Sears
Twitter: @Pirch
Company Instagram: @thepirch