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Inside the Motto Onboarding Process

By Sunny Bonnell
Posted on 01/31/24
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As you step into a partnership with Motto, you’re not just starting another project; you’re embarking on a path to redefine your brand’s future. Our onboarding process is the first step. It is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless integration of our teams, visions, and values. Let’s walk through this one-hour meeting that sets the stage for our successful collaboration.

“Onboarding is the first step in building trust and collaboration.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Meet the Team

A successful branding project hinges on the people behind it. During the onboarding call, clients are introduced to the Director of Client Experience, who will guide the project. This step involves a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, setting the stage for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Understanding the Scope

Clarity is the key to success. Together, we’ll dive into the scope of work, outlining not just the deliverables and timelines, but also the mission that unites us. This comprehensive overview ensures that we’re all aiming for the same targets, with a clear understanding of what success looks like for your project.

“Weekly syncs are the heartbeat of our project rhythm.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Syncing Up Weekly

Consistency breeds excellence. Our Director of Client Experience would like to schedule a weekly 15-minute sync with you and our project lead. Consider this your weekly checkpoint – a time to align, adjust, and affirm that we’re tracking toward our common goals. These meetings are the pulse of our project, ensuring that we move in harmony toward the finish line.

Friday Updates

Transparency and progress go hand in hand. Every Friday, you’ll receive an update that paints a high-level picture of our week’s achievements and what’s on the horizon. This isn’t just an update; it’s a snapshot of our journey together, keeping you informed and engaged every step of the way.

Feedback: The Motto Way

Good feedback is the lifeline of a successful project. We’ll encourage you to consolidate your thoughts into actionable insights. This approach not only streamlines communication but also ensures that we’re always moving forward with clarity and purpose. Your feedback is a valuable tool, shaping the project to meet and exceed your expectations.

“Effective communication is not just about exchanging information, it's about fostering understanding.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Navigating Timelines

Timeliness is non-negotiable. We’re here to ensure that your project stays on track, navigating through decision-making and scope changes with agility and expertise. Our proactive approach to managing timelines means your project advances smoothly, respecting both the budget and the schedule.

Revisions and Scope Changes

Flexibility within a framework is our mantra. We’ll walk you through our revision process, explaining how we refine concepts and deliverables to perfection. And when the project needs to evolve, we’re ready with solutions. Change orders are handled transparently, ensuring we’re always moving forward and aligned with your evolving needs.

“Flexibility within a framework is our mantra.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Communication Style

Our collaboration is built on a foundation of respect and positive communication. Challenges are inevitable, but together, we’ll navigate them with a solutions-focused approach. This ensures that our partnership not only survives but thrives through every phase of the project.

Tools of the Trade

We’ll introduce you to our tech stack, a curated selection of tools to streamline our collaboration. From project management to file sharing and whiteboarding, we have the technology to keep our project agile and efficient.

The Next Steps

As we conclude our onboarding, you’ll feel prepared and excited for what comes next. We’ll set up our kickoff, schedule our weekly standups, and begin gathering all necessary assets. This is just the beginning of a journey that promises not just a successful project but also a transformation of your brand.

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By Sunny Bonnell
Founder & CEO Motto®