Why Fortune Favors The Bold

Sunny and I have frequent conversations about Motto regarding our vision, purpose, values and culture. When we ask ourselves how to be better leaders, how to impact others, and what mark we can make on the world, we always turn to our motto for guidance.

Yes, we have a motto here at Motto — a rallying cry, if you will. It’s Fortune Favors the Bold.

It is with this motto that we have run our company since we first started 10 years ago. It always guides our thinking and keeps us facing our true north. It challenges us and inspires us to do more each day. It’s also an important leadership lesson, and today, I hope it will strike a chord in you as you work toward realizing your own big crazy dreams.

The thing is, doubt and fear can creep into our thoughts every so often. Not because we’re weaklings, but because we’re human. We wonder if we can really achieve what we set out to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, fear has its place. If nothing else, it reminds us that what we’re doing has purpose, importance and meaning. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t fear failing at it. This is when Fortune Favors the Bold gets us out of our heads to focus on our higher goal and spur us on.

Fortune Favors the Bold is an ancient proverb that conveys one should act boldly and bravely in order to accomplish greatness. Nothing good is going to happen unless you have the heart and courage to take chances. I don’t believe success or winning is a matter of random luck – it’s a conscious decision. When you take action, act boldly, and live with courage, you’re more likely to succeed and be rewarded, than someone who doesn’t. I’m talking about the kind of boldness that flings you wildly into the unknown, where you either sink or swim, or learn to swim as you’re sinking.

Boldness to be led by your passions and dreams. To live life up close and personal. To stand defiant against rough winds. To shape your own story. To discover that you are indeed limitless.

I can’t think of better words to live by. Now isn’t the time for half measures. Go be bold.