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How are you different from other branding agencies?

If you’ve ended up here, you’ve probably looked at a gazillion agency websites and portfolios. We feel you. Maybe you’ve hired a few freelancers or another agency with results ranging from downright terrible to ‘meh.’ Maybe you’re looking for a team who gets you. We started Motto because we wanted to change the branding conversation from what people do and sell to what they stand for and believe in. We hope you’ll spend some time with us to learn why we’re unique in the space.

Some interesting facts:

  • We are entrepreneurs, so we understand entrepreneurs.
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership runs through our veins, too.
  • We bootstrapped our agency from $250 into a highly sought agency.
  • We focus on positioning you as the absolute wizard in your field.
  • We take an inside-out approach to brands.
  • We don’t just make brands look pretty, we make them matter.
  • We excel in research, strategy and visual execution.
  • We are leadership-centric. We work with visionaries and disruptors.
  • With over a decade in brand-building, our process works.
  • We care about what success looks like for you.
  • Once you’re a client, you are family.
  • Our very first client (from 2005) is still working with us today.

What is branding?

A brand is the complete expression, both visually and verbally, of who you are as an organization. The brand should communicate the beliefs, message, culture, product or service and experience at every level of interaction inside and outside the company. The most important point to remember is that your brand can be enriched or undermined at any time, so it’s important to hold it sacred and devote the right resources to building it time and time again. We have a famous saying here, “branding is a labor of love.”

Who is the typical Motto client?

We are highly selective of the companies we work with and we are proud to work with leaders who want to strategically position their brand to stand out and succeed in their category. We work with well funded tech businesses, consumer brands, and bold leaders earning between $10 million and $100 million in annual revenue, employee between 10 to 500 people and see branding as a core investment in their business. Our typical aspires to be the Rare Breed in their industry. No matter what, our clients have ambitious growth goals and are highly committed to building a one-of-a-kind brand.

What are your typical timelines?

Our timelines range between 3-9 months with most projects averaging out 5-6 months. Our clients often keep us retained far beyond our initial scope of work to create more deliverables like art directing photoshoots, creating social and digital campaigns, storyboarding videos and even retail and branding company environments.

What is the typical investment per client?

Soup to nuts launches can be very involved and comprehensive. Most of the time we work on full branding platforms, including strategy/positioning, messaging, visual design, digital design and development, packaging, photography, asset creation, etc. We can work in a wide variety of budgets and often tailor the scope of work to what a client is working with financially. Every project is unique and so are the resources it takes to accomplish what you’re trying to do. To inquire about a project, contact us.

Do you offer startup packages?

We do. It’s for a very restrained scope of work within a smaller budget and an accelerated timeframe. Contact us to learn more.

Do you offer flexible payment terms?

We outline the payment schedule in our proposals. We typically ask for 50% upon commencement and equal monthly installments of the balance thereafter. We accept payments via PayPal echecks or wire transfers.

Do you trade services for equity?

In an exceptional startup situation, we may consider taking equity as a form of compensation to close the gap between what services a company needs vs. what their budget is or what they can afford. They must be well funded with great leadership, and there must be a clear path towards a successful acquisition. Even in those situations, we see cash as the lion’s share of compensation.


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