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Big Ideas & Crafting an Idea Worth Rallying Around®

By Ashleigh Hansberger
Posted on 03/24/24
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In business—every decision, strategy, and innovation—contributes to the larger narrative of a company’s journey. Standing out in today’s competitive landscape is crucial. Here, the concept of the “Big Idea” plays a pivotal role. Imagine the Big Idea as a loud signal coming from your brand—the message that distinctly elevates your company, making it unforgettable and fueling your team with a compelling purpose. At Motto®, we’ve taken this notion further, introducing it as an Idea Worth Rallying Around®. This goes beyond a memorable slogan or a unique offering; it’s about infusing a transformative vision into your brand’s essence.

Envision an idea so potent it unites your team, captivates your customers, and cements your market position. That is the essence of an Idea Worth Rallying Around®. It transcends business success to initiate a movement, build a legacy, and transform lives. Every iconic company today traces its roots to one simple yet groundbreaking idea. From the initial concept that sparked a company’s foundation to the digital innovators reshaping our world, the journey of innovation is ignited by a Big Idea.

“An Idea Worth Rallying Around® is a signature idea that sits at the heart of a brand, and makes it famous.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

The Power of an Idea Worth Rallying Around®

The world’s greatest companies are more than famous names and coveted products—they’re ideas—ideas that started in the heads and hearts of a few fiercely ambitious people and ended up touching millions of people’s lives.

An Idea Worth Rallying Around® is the linchpin for businesses aspiring to move beyond transactions and foster deep, enduring connections with their audiences. Such ideas catalyze innovation, inspire teams, and drive companies toward unprecedented success. They encapsulate the brand’s essence, mission, and values in a way that resonates internally and externally.

Every Direction, Every Opportunity

An Idea Worth Rallying Around® serves dual purposes: rallying the internal team and communicating the brand’s ethos to the external world. It weaves a coherent narrative everyone can believe in and support, from employees to customers. This can’t be achieved with a visual brand alone. It has to start from the inside out, emphasizing the necessity of a foundational, unifying concept.

Such an idea fosters a culture of unity and purpose within the organization, aligning every action with the overarching vision. Externally, it distinguishes the brand in the marketplace, offering a compelling answer to the question, “Why choose us?”

“A big idea weaves a coherent narrative that everyone, from employees to customers, can believe in and support.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

More Than a Message

An Idea Worth Rallying Around® is much more than an innovative thought or a fleeting insight; it’s a visionary force that pushes past conventional limits, daring to question and redefine the norms. Its role in shaping the business environment is substantial, serving as the cornerstone of competitive edge, the catalyst for expansive growth, and a rallying cry attracting talent and customers. It’s not just about crafting a compelling mission statement or devising a clever marketing scheme. Instead, it’s about embracing a deep-seated idea that genuinely captures the essence and ambition of your brand, offering a promise that resonates far and wide.

An Idea Worth Rallying Around® is the center of your brand’s narrative, a North Star guiding every strategy, decision, and innovation toward a shared purpose. It imbues your organization with a sense of mission that transcends the daily grind, transforming work into a cause that your team passionately supports. For your audience, it’s not just another product or service; it becomes a movement they want to be part of, a story they will tell. It resonates emotionally, making your brand not just recognized but beloved.

It should always be a rallying cry that galvanizes your people and captivates your market. It’s a declaration of what you stand for and signals where you’re headed. Aligning your team around this powerful concept creates a culture of innovation and dedication, making every challenge and every success a milestone toward achieving something remarkable.

“Every great company starts with a big idea that helps others understand what its people are fighting for and against.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Notable Characteristics

The characteristics of an Idea Worth Rallying Around® are that they are innovative, impactful, sustainable, and deeply aligned with the organization’s core competencies and values. It’s aspirational and a strategic cornerstone around which businesses align their aspirations, operations, and future growth.

They also sit at the heart of real innovation. They push us to look beyond the usual ways of doing things, sparking change and new possibilities. More than just making an immediate impact, an Idea Worth Rallying Around® is about thinking long-term. They encourage us to keep questioning and innovating, ensuring businesses don’t just grow but evolve and thrive over time. This constant pursuit of something bigger keeps teams motivated and businesses dynamic, ready to adapt and move forward.

“Ideas are the easy part. It's the execution of the big idea that changes the game.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

How Motto Crafts Signature Ideas

‘Notes Reimagined’ for GoodNotes

Goodnotes transformed the mundane act of taking notes into an art form, allowing ideas to flow as freely as ink on paper. Their Big Idea, ‘Notes Reimagined,’ isn’t just about digital note-taking; it’s about fostering creativity, productivity, and personal expression. This vision rallies the Goodnotes team to innovate relentlessly, while externally, it promises users an experience that transcends traditional note-taking.

‘Why Wait’ for FasterLines

FasterLines tackled a universal frustration—waiting in lines—with a simple yet revolutionary solution. Their Big Idea, ‘Why Wait,’ challenges the status quo and offers freedom from time constraints. It’s a clarion call that mobilizes the FasterLines team to push the boundaries of what’s possible, making ‘Why Wait’ not just a question but a mission.

‘Jobs for the People’ for Bandana

We defined the Bandana mission and created the big idea ‘Jobs for the People’ is a testament to their commitment to empowerment and inclusivity. It’s a Big Idea that resonates on a deeply human level, driving the company to develop solutions that are not only innovative but also equitable. Internally, it fosters a culture of purpose and passion, while externally, it positions Bandana as a brand with a heart.

“Zero in on ideas that show the most promise—not just in novelty but in their potential to truly meet the market's unmet needs.”
Sunny Bonnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Motto®

Framework for Ideas

Discovering the Idea

The first step is to light the spark of curiosity, creating a space where the wild and the whimsical are not just welcomed, but essential. Through brainstorming, delving into market research, and analyzing trends, a kaleidoscope of potential ideas emerges—each unburdened by the immediate pressures of practicality or current limitations.

Iterating on the Big Idea

Next, the process narrows, honing in on those ideas that show the most promise—not just in novelty but in their potential to truly meet the market’s unmet needs or to offer something disruptively new. Through feedback cycles, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are meticulously examined, refining the ideas into a focused beam of potential.

Validating the Big Idea

Finally, the crucible of validation tests the mettle of these refined concepts. Prototypes are crafted, market tests conducted, and potential customers interviewed. This phase is the litmus test for the idea, determining if it’s robust enough to withstand the pressures of real-world application and ready to be developed into a tangible product or service.

At each stage, the journey of discovery and validation demands an openness to learning, adapting, and evolving. It’s a path marked by uncertainty but also by the potential for genuine innovation and transformation.

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By Ashleigh Hansberger

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