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Boldness and spirit in all we do together.

Since 2005, Motto has been anchored on the belief that great companies and brands are built in the image of their leaders—good, bad or indifferent. We’re passionate about working with leaders, entrepreneurs and companies who are driven by their purpose, have an audacious vision, and want to change how the world works.

We have a history of doing what our name implies: help companies find their war cry and then bring it to life through every facet of the brand. What Motto brings to the table isn’t something you can manufacture, learn or duplicate. It’s called vision and the ability to execute on that vision. We do this by studying everything about you. Understanding your ambitions. After all, we should know what you are fighting for so we can help you win the battle. Our approach has been called unorthodox and transformational because it does way more than send you out into the world with a great logo—it awakens the greatest potential of your organization.

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Crew & Culture

A collective of thinkers, makers, do-er’s, and the occasional hooligan.

Motto’s team consists of strategists, storytellers, writers, brand designers, ui/ux designers, developers, photographers, and videographers, held together by an affinity for meaningful work. Co-founders Ashleigh Hansberger and Sunny Bonnell are the lady captains at the helm.

Our culture has and always will be purpose-driven and entrepreneurial at heart driven by a few core beliefs: Take your work seriously, but love a good laugh. Never forget where you came from. Work hard to get where you want, work harder to stay there. If you’re a jerk, please leave. If you’re not, please stay.

The Founders

Meet Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger — not playing by the rules since day one.

Sunny and Ashleigh met as teens in a Chicago snowball fight in 1997. They grew up together and in their early twenties started Motto with only $250. Since 2005, the dynamic pair have built a gangbuster agency helping leaders build bold brands. Their inspiring point of view on leadership has led to significant recognition and they’ve appeared in almost every major business channel.

Not only do they lead the team at Motto, they lecture and teach leaders how to stand out, think different, and lead extraordinary companies. They are currently writing their first leadership book which is tentatively set to be released in 2018.


Inc. 30 Under 30. GDUSA’s Top 25 People to Watch. Appearances on BoldTV, Never Settle Show, CNBC, and AMEX. Featured in countless media-related platforms.

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