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5 Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

By Sunny Bonnell
Posted on 11/01/22
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Entrepreneurs are in a league of their own. They are the breed of warriors that have bloody knees and make art with them. They speak a language and follow a doctrine that’s all their own. These five books tell the tales of grit, belief, and resourcefulness that will resonate with the entrepreneur in you.

These five books will deliver what every entrepreneur needs to know: identify common pitfalls, stretch your vision, expand your knowledge, equip you with strategies, and reveal the nitty-gritty of the how-to.


#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso proves that success isn’t about where you went to college or how popular you were in high school. It’s about trusting your instincts and following your gut; knowing which rules to follow and which to break; when to button up and when to let your freak flag fly.

A Book About Innocent: A Story And Some Stuff We’ve Learned

Innocent by Dan Germain is an inside look at how Innocent was born and what they learned by getting stuff wrong. Some lessons came from listening carefully to people clever than them. And some things they just got lucky on. But all of it, the good, the bad, and the useful, is in this book.

Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently–and Succeeding

In the entertaining and accessible book Mission in a Bottle, the co-founders of Honest Tea tell the engaging story of how they created and built a mission-driven business, offering a wealth of insights and advice to entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, and millions of Honest Tea drinkers about the challenges and hurdles of creating a successful business–and the importance of perseverance and creative problem-solving.

The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

If you feel restless and ready for transition and seek direction and purpose, this critically acclaimed bestseller is for you. The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Adam Braun’s journey to find his calling, as each chapter explains one clear step that every person can take to turn their most significant ambitions into reality. Driven by inspiring stories and shareable insights, this book will give you the tools to make your life a story worth telling.

The Method Method: Seven Obsessions That Helped Our Scrappy Start-up Turn an Industry Upside Down

The Method Method is an irreverent, candid, firsthand case study. Readers will learn how today’s consumers behave, how today’s companies compete, and how both groups act together to drive profound global change.

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By Sunny Bonnell
Founder & CEO Motto®

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