4 Strategies for Telling a Stronger Brand Story

The new year has officially arrived, and most of us are deep in the midst of fulfilling our personal resolutions. In the spirit of positive change, we’ve decided that this is the perfect time for brands to try out new strategies for telling a stronger brand story.

To start the new year off right, here are four unexpected, yet effective strategies guaranteed to help boost your brand story.

1. Make Use of Interactive Packaging Designs

When mobile technology is combined with packaging design, it creates an exciting experience that boldly stands out in the minds of consumers. This technique encourages the consumer to take a specific action with their mobile phone, such as scanning a code or watching a video, in order to unlock or achieve a brand-related reward.

One example of interactive packaging is Jose Cuervo’s History in a Bottle App, which celebrates over two centuries of Mexican-American history. After consumers download the app, they can hover their phone over the bottle and unlock video lessons about the brand’s role in history.

Jose Cuervo’s History in a Bottle strategy works because it creates a sense of mystery and discovery. Consumers download the app and scan the code because they want to unlock the story that lies within, and in turn they are establishing a deeper connection with Jose Cuervo’s brand.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media Video

With instant video playback on Facebook, Snapchat and other social channels, brands can guarantee that a portion of their followers will always view the content they publish.

Food and travel network Tastemade proves how effective video content can be for anchoring a brand story. According to the company, more than 70% of their viewers consume content from a mobile device. Since learning how their audience interacts with their content, Tastemade has expanded their brand presence to multiple mobile-friendly video platforms. Through snapchats, recipe tutorials, and exclusive how-tos, Tastemade has effectively built an audience of over 100 million.

By recognizing the fact that Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat all have their own unique viewership, Tastemade is able to reinforce their brand story in a way that resonates closely with each audience.

3. Join Forces With Another Brand

Today’s smartest brands are teaming up with other companies to create sophisticated stories that stand out. Co-branded content partnerships are a great way for brands to expand their marketing resources, boost their brand ethos, and create a more dynamic brand story.

Netflix demonstrated the power of co-branded content when they teamed up with The Wall Street Journal. The publisher and TV streaming service created a website called cocainenomics to promote Netflix’s new show, Narcos.

This storytelling technique helps Netflix and the Wall Street Journal anchor their own brand stories, all while gaining new fans. By combining the informative storytelling nature of the Wall Street Journal with the addictive entertainment value of Netflix, both brands gain a new edge from being associated with the other.

4. Show Off Your Company Culture

With so many successful companies and an endless supply of over-qualified candidates, today’s workplace competition is fierce. When brands display their internal culture in unique ways, they reinforce their brand values and attract top-tier talent.

Hubspot’s Culture Code is a strong example of how a brand can be transparent about their internal brand values. The marketing automation brand posted the presentation on company culture to SlideShare, and it has since received well over a million views.

This deck serves as a great resource for other brands looking to revamp their culture. Even more importantly, it helps HubSpot users feel more connected to the brand because it’s a real world example of what their employees care about and how they act in their day-to-day life.

Now that you’ve read through these four unexpected strategies for telling a better brand story, you’re equipped to start the new year off with a bang.

How will you strengthen your brand story in 2016? Share in the comments below!